Frequency: 1MHz;

Power: 8W (P: Mix ≥ 400 CM² )

Power Supply: AC 100-240V / 50-60Hz, DC 24V 500mA

Timer: 5-30mins

Intensity: 8 level choice

1.With the priciple of ultrasonic wave and the mechanical vibration generated by high frequency current, this product can massage your deep-steated skin to bring heat effects and increase the metabolism of skin tissue and improve the circulation of blood.Also,it can make your body fat digested by your body function and make your figure more attracctive.

2.The creative design of GB-818 ULTRASONIC SLIMING MASSAGER is to ensure simplicity of operation.The effect is so quick that you can get desired result. It's very convenient for you to carry out. This is your best partner of your beauty and health.

3.By utilizing DC 24V low power source, it can ensure safe when your are using. According to everyone's different requirements, it is set to 2 levels that are strong and weak. Also, time and output way of ultrasonic wave can be changed

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