Ultrasonic Powerful Cleaner
Golf Club Series


1. Model: GB-T35UC

2, Output Power:  600W

3. Frequency: 28/40 KHZ

4, Interior tank size: 408L*381W*305H mm

1. Built-in Pro wave Generator
2. Built-in Transducers
3. Tank material with 304 Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel
4. Built-in Counter
5. Built-in Timer
6. Built-in Thermostatically controlled Heater (Temperature is from 30 to 100 degree)
7. Be built with an optional token operation  function as a self-service vending machine

1.Model: GB-T60UC

Power on, Starting  the machine on, Putting a token inside the machine, Ultrasonic Cleaning,
When time on the machine automatically stops.

3.Machine Modes:
Standy Mode, Running Mode, Sleep Mode,  Pause Mode

Ultrasonic System, Automatic temperature Control, Automatic Water Level Sensor and Control,  Timer, Token Machine, Heating System , Heating Insulation, SS tank,Cover panel: option SS 304, steel painting

5. 12 clubs could be put in one time, magic cleaning result, remove oil and  dirt but not painting

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