Features and Functions
aroma mist lamp(major manufacture of Mist of dreams):
1.The Wonder Mist mist-maker generates"cold steam"through ultrasonic vibrations and atomization.Since the mist is cold,it looks like dry ice.
2.The mist-maker also comes with multi-colored LED which automatically changes color.
3.The mist-maker and LED system incorporate an IC(Integrated Circuit)& omni-seal to assure long underwater life.
4.The mist-maker also comes with a water-lever sensor switch. When the water lever is below the switch,the mist generator or atomizer will switch off,however the LED lights will still be on.Just add more water until the water lever is above the water-level sensor switch and the mist generatorwill come on.This is a very important function as this prevents the ceramic disk from burning out due to over heating
5.The ceraimic disk is easy to clean and replace
Working Voltage 24V Working Electric 0.5~0.65(A) Model GA-350ML
Generate mist ≥350(ml/h) Water temp.Range 0~50
Ultrasonic Frequency(KHz) 1700±40
Ceramic disc plated material Nickel or Titanium
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